Last Update: September 25, 2017

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Serving Tri-Lakes Area Senior Citizens

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About Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance

Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance originally was established in 1996, under the name Tri-Lakes Health Advocacy Partnership, as a 501(c)(3) organization serving Monument, Palmer Lake, Woodmoor, Gleneagle and the unincorporated areas of northern El Paso County. With a re-focusing of services to senior citizens, the board of directors, in 2015, adopted the name "Silver Alliance".

Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance Board of Directors

Melissa Bagnall (president)
Dorothy Silvanic (vice president)
Marie Zombory (secretary)
Colette Martin (treasurer)
Marianne Black (Fundraising)

Non-board members
Sue Walker (Program Coordinator)


Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance Mission
Address community health issues through:
a) a comprehensive volunteer-driven approach focused broadly on citizen and community health needs;
b) a maturing portfolio of specific programs targeted to meet identified citizen health needs; and
c) development of the necessary, sustainable community resource base of participants, volunteers and leaders.

To fulfill the mission, Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance ...

  • Serves as an information and resource clearinghouse for the Tri-Lakes community.
  • Develops and supports community programs contributing to the health and well-being of the Tri-Lakes residents.
  • Serves as a pro-active community forum for identification, assessment and prioritization of community health needs and capabilities (physical, mental, wellness, social, economic/financial).
  • Develops active and inclusive health-related collaborative partnerships with community groups and organizations as well as citizens to harness and optimize all available community resources.
  • Provides Tri-Lakes residents and community leaders with extensive volunteer opportunities in administrative, technical and program/project leadership roles.

Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance Vision
For the growing and diversifying Tri-Lakes area, our Vision is a community with: expanded and strengthened health services and support; educated, aware, supported and empowered individuals and organizations; and an integrated partnership network that optimizes community health capabilities and effectiveness.

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