Building Dreams

Why a Campaign and Why Now?

Despite not having a building to call our own, the Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance has operated a dynamic Senior Center since 2006. The Alliance started in empty classrooms at Palmer Ridge High School and later moved to a modular building located at Lewis-Palmer High School. All the while, the Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance has not skipped a beat in offering services and activities to seniors.

For years, our current 4000-square-foot modular has been adequate if not luxurious. As the older population of the area grew, so did the services and activities offered to seniors. The facility, however, has not grown and is now at capacity. New programs are put on hold and the number of new clients must be capped.

Enter the building any day nine-to-five, Monday through Sunday, and you’ll see seniors exercising, dancing, crafting, engaging in book discussions, playing chess, celebrating holidays, and enjoying speakers and presentations. The space is over utilized and maxed out. Seniors gather at the Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance Senior Center for enjoyment and to have fun. But research shows that bringing seniors together for engaging activities not only enhances their quality of life, such services can also save lives.

In 2022, the vision of a new, larger building in a new location is growing. Let’s dream for a moment about an inviting, light-filled, spacious, and accessible building welcomed by the Tri-Lakes community and dedicated to the enrichment of what is often called ‘the golden years.’ A building with adequate parking, spacious exercise rooms, closets and storage spaces, meeting rooms, an on-site office for staff, and a health-wise room for mental health screenings or consultations with a nurse from the Visiting Nurse Association.

With the enthusiasm of the board and staff, this dream will become reality. Please consider being part of enhancing not only the lives of the senior patrons but the overall quality of life in Tri-Lakes.

Every donation gets us closer. Please donate today.

Silver Alliance offers numerous health and wellness programs and other activities for our local senior citizens. Your donation will contribute to a brighter future and help facilitate purposeful aging for our beloved seniors.


Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance

Adding Life to Our Golden Years